The Plants

Our very first day of school, I walked into this class, not even knowing what to expect. Well, the first thing we did was this experiment!  So, may I say, it was great start to class!  The first thing we did was gather up all the supplies.  We got the styrofoam containers prepared by putting wicks in the bottom and then the soil fertilizer and finally the seeds.  We put them on a felt pad on top of tub full of water, so they could continuously have water.  Then we put them under the lamp.  There were 3 types of seeds we could choose from, but Danielle and I only picked to grow two separate types.  I wanted to grow the purple parent seeds and she wanted to grow the yellow green parent seeds.  So, we grew 8 of each.  Now, this was an experiment you had to be pretty patients, because even they were Wisconsin Fast Plants, they can’t grow that fast.  So, impatiently we came in everyday waiting for something to happen.  Finally, by Day 4 we had something!  Here is a picture (and you can see the set up we had better)!

So, if you look closely at this picture, you will the sprouts coming out of all four containers.  The front containers are the purple parent plants and the back are the yellow and green plants.  The white tub is what the water stays in and the felt drops into it, to keep everything moist.






So, freshly motivated by our little sprouts, Danielle and I believe our plants would survive!  Now, this was a time when I was really documenting everything! So here is a picture of Day 5 (P.S. Not much has changed!)


Actually the front plant may have grown just a little! 🙂  Well, Day 5 came and went, so onward!

The next day I have picture of is Day 9.  Even by this time, there still wasn’t much to do with our plants except keep them alive!  We knew the plan we had to follow, but it would be a while before we got there!  So, we continued water our plants and they continued to grow (except for Micheal’s, his were slightly stubborn!).  So by Day 9, our dear plants look like this:




You can tell they have grown quite a bit!  And we have more sprouts coming up!  So by now, both types of plants are success’!  Well, Danielle and I should have enjoyed this while it happened.  Just like every good story, we had a slight issue half way through!  Around Day 14 all of us students were preparing for a very nice 4 day weekend!  We would miss our plants, but hey they had water in the container and would be fine, right? WRONG!  Danielle and I forgot to check the water level in our tub before we left and when we came back, they were all a little on the tan side!  But, Mr. Ludwig came to rescue and said they may be salvageable  which proved correct.  So in the end they survived, but it was a close call!

Well, after our plants revived they had blossoms and it was time to pollinate!  So, we took the dead bees (yes you read right, dead bees) and glued them to tooth picks.  This way, you pick up a fly, rub its rear end in the blossom to gather pollen and then cross pollinate it with another.  Well for our experiment, Danielle and I decided to try and get the most purple plants possible to we cross pollinated the purple plants.  Well, then we had to cover each plant so it could stay controlled and we would have issues with other pollination.  So here is a beautiful photo!

Isn’t it awesome!  This mesh covers kept the plants from cross pollinating with the plants we didn’t want them too!  And our plants don’t even look like they had a near death experience!

Well, I am sure you can tell, we aren’t yet done with this experiment, but it has progressed.  Once we pollinated a couple times, we had seed pods sprouting from the plants.  So, now, we wait for them to dry out and gather the seeds!  It will be a long process, but here is a photo I took today of our plants, so you can see our pods!





The strange things coming out of it are the seed pods!  So, we will see what we get next!  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!  I will update you, so if your curious, keep posted!



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